We Provide:

1. An Agency/Application ran by other CannaCreators that know the Industry

2. Free Access to our App

3. Free Affiliate Program w/ $3 minimum commission on most Merchandise Sales

4. A Terms of Service that allows Cannabis and Accessories in the content on our Platform and Website

5. Simply being a member of the site and the future app puts you in the position to possibly be the next big thing. As we will always be looking to help creators from within reach their goals. 

6. As a Member you are a CannaCreator


Verified Creators:

After a Commission Sale moved to our Verified CannaCreator group which brings more opportunities like:

1. Participation in our Ad Share Program(CannaCreator Fund)

2. Opportunities to participate in Individual and Group Ad Campaigns for Advertisers and Brand Partners

3. Participation in Round Table Talks on the direction of the CreatorFund and other aspects of the App. 

4. Support staff in the agency that will help mitigate all brand, advertising, or marketing issues that you may have to arise.

5. Merchandising


Partner Creators:

We also want to show appreciation to some of the community’s favorite creators. In doing so, we are also Partnering with a select number of creators. These creators see our mission, have pledged to be part of the program at the ground floor, and already bring with them communities of their own. These Creators get added benefits of:

1. Increase in the monthly Ad Share Program(CannaCreator Fund)

2. Increase in Affiliate Commission

3. Extended Merchandising

4. Both Verified and Partner Creators also will be eligible for any future end of year profit share bonuses. 

More opportunities will be added as the platform and network grows. We hope you see our passion and hope we can help you reach your goals. 


Ad Share:

@ 5000 Advertisers =

Verified CannaCreators – $2000 a Month Stipend

Partner CannaCreators – $4000 a Month Stipend

Staff – $8000 a Month Salary


Future Additions Include:



and more!



We Provide:

1. An Environment comprised of Cannabis Users, CannaCreators, and other Brands and Companies just like you, looking to tap into a growing market or expanding their own marketing to reach more customers.

2. Access to Creators in the industry that will give honest reviews and feedback on products and accessories.

3. Ability to hire pools of both Verified and/or Partner CannaCreators for individual ad campaigns both on and off our future app. This allows you to keep the same faces across all your brand’s platforms. 

4. Subscription style setup for ease of use. This will also allow you as a brand to maintain a verified page for your own promotions in our future app. All Brands must be verified if they wish to run Cannabis Product Ads. Licensing will be verified in the Verification Process of all Brands. 

5. Support the Creators of Content that use your goods and products already in everyday life in a new and more ethical way.


Additional Options Include:

1. Sponsored Ads

2. Marketplace Inclusion(Non-Cannabis/CBD Products)

3. Analytics on Pool Ad Campaigns(Only)

4. Banner Ads

5. App/Social Page Takeovers

6. Creator Sponsorships

7. Event Sponsorships(TheSeshieAwards, SeshFest, etc)

8. Other Future Opportunities as the Platform/Network Grows


With other platforms not tolerating CannaContent or CannaCreators, we felt it was the time a contender to the top players in the game was needed. To make that possible, it will take brands and companies, like yours, supporting the platform. What we exchange in return for your support, is access to creators that are looking for products to promote, brands to represent, and followers ready to support the same brands there favorite creators do. 

To make that work, the cost is always a question. How can a Platform, solely base its budget on advertisers? We found a happy medium, with a mix of brands and products in the industry, and across multiple countries, there are plenty of companies looking to tap into a network like ours to help make their ad budgets go further. 


This breaks down to:

5000 Advertisers

Paying $2000 a Month

= $10,000,000 a month Operating Budget


This allows us to:

Pay our Creators

Pay our Staff

Pay for Operation Cost

Pay for Data and Network Cost

Pay for Products and Merchandising

Pay for Collaborations with Larger Creators

Collaborate in projects with Top Brands in the Industry



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