Mackwoodz Mystery Mini Box


ORDER A MACKWOODZ MINI BOX TODAY – NO monthly subscriptions. 8+ individual items in each box that total a retail value $90.

All orders are ship out by within 48 to 72 hours of purchase.

You never know which 8 items you will receive from our inventory, but you will love it!

  • Customized Velvet Drawstring Pouch ($12 Value)
  • Customized Mackwoodz Zipper Pouch ($15 Value)
  • MackWoodz Organic Banana Leaf Sample ($5 Value)
  • Metal Rolling Tray ($12 Value) or Grinder (4 Part) $10
  • Mackwoodz Headband ($12)
  • MackWoodz Branded Lighter ($5)
  • Skull Ice Tray ($10) or a YoYo ($10)
  • Mackwoodz Pre-rolled Cones 3PK ($5)
  • MackWoodz Herbal Flower Blend + canister ($8)
  • Mackwoodz Herbal Flower Preroll + tube ($5)
  • Small Metal Smoking Pipe($7)
  • Pipe Filters Screens ($.50)
  • Mackwoodz Sockz ($15 Value)
  • DIY custom Roach Clip ($3)
  • Customized Door Hanger ($3)
  • Superhero Sticker – because there is one in all of us.
  • Custom MackWoodz Shoestrings ($12)
  • With this box, you can expect to see new items and new elevated DIY hacks from the minds of the Mackwoodz staff.
  • Our passion is to provide a fun and affordable collection of pieces that you can not only enjoy, but share with friends and family at a price that’s affordable! No one deserves to pay hundreds of dollars for things no one has really sat down, taken time and really thought about what they want to supply to every buying customer. We take pride in our thought process here at MackWoodz.
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