Where did you go?

After almost 2 years, multiple setbacks, and having investors back out we can no longer continue. 

It keeps getting thrown in my face that I’m doing things wrong, incorrectly, having people say they were here to help just to back out in the end, and so on and so forth. 

After the Kickstarter, we lost the 10k donation, and that’s when it all started to go downhill. Since then we have been taken for the run twice now by outside developers. I can no longer run the risk of losing more money. I can no longer run the risk of going homeless or keeping food from my children’s table. 

I started this project after coming to TT and seeing that there was a real need for a platform that not only helped create an environment that was free of hate on Cannabis Content but also a way to create jobs and help people. 

The main driving factor was so many creators were dealing with struggles in their day-to-day lives because they were building communities knowing they run the risk of losing them. This struggle also affected those in their communities. I have even heard of creators committing suicide over losing the communities they have built. 

I could not sit back and let that happen. What I thought I was building was a way to turn things around for others, what I created was my own mental breakdown. 

I asked for help, and received nothing in return except flack and hate that I would not succeed and I was wasting my time. Well, those voices won and now I’m done. I can not continue to drive myself deeper into debt and/or deeper into a mental health hole. 

If I approach this in the future, time will tell. I need to figure out my life before I try and help others.


Former Founder and CEO 

Travis “TJ” Owens