By Stoners for Stoners!

For an Industry that is Under-Represented in the Global Social Space

The Issue?

The Objective?

The Industry?

Who Benefits?

“With constant Community Violations, and more and more platforms turning away, Cannabis is losing in the Social Market”

With an industry that is still in its infancy, states across the country having a marred of various laws, and the unknown when it comes to Federal Legality, the major players in Social Media have stayed as far away from Cannabis as possible.

We are taking a different direction, leveraging that missed market, bringing together fellow consumers, creators, products, and business. Creating a new place to go when you just need a laugh, to catch your favorite creators and just to have a good time while burning a few minutes or a couple of hours of your day between activities.

Join our Forum!

Our first Iteration as we build out our app is building our community. Our Forum will be the home for that. From posting Content in “The Smoke Room”, collaborating with other creators in “The Kitchen” or our Partners collaborating or posting to collaborate with other partners and our contributors in “The Break Room”.

We are wanting to pull from our fellow creators their ideas on where they would like to see our platform go. Designs, Features, Ideas.

Do you just to chat with other fellow Creators?

Our platform is aimed at being more than just creators and fans, but creators and creators, and creators and advertisers. Be able to submit influencing proposals to our Brand Partners and much more.

We cant wait to see you in the Threads!

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As with any project, it takes time to get things right. We also are going to be looking for Community Support as we work towards launch(TBD).

Stay up to date with important info and more on how you as a fan can help us launch our platform to the masses.