Today's Socialscape

There are dozens of social-based websites on the Internet. Most if not all follow the same rules and regulations to meet the needs and demands of the general mass of users.

The problem with that is that it is hit and miss when it comes to how they enforce their Terms of Service on its users.

One of those problematic cases is Cannabis and how there is no space that openly allows the use of online.

Enter SmokeSesh.Life

We are the hottest new Cannabis Influencer Agency and Social Platform that’s open to all. 

As part of the campaign to promote the creators in the Industry, we coined the term CannaCreator and have added it to Urban Dictionary and Oxford with Webster having the requirement of use needed to be shown for inclusion.


The goal here is to fund an app

As for what we are looking for currently?

Developer Wiz
Marketing/Advertising Wiz

Affiliate Marketers

$15,000 App Development

Anything In Between


What we have done to create Revenue


Update 2-28-2021

We are at 400 User! We are about to launch an Official Kickstarter as well as a Over $1k Value Giveaway.

New Creators are being verified weekly and we are still looking to fill some key rolls within the agency and in our Creator Base. 


Update 12-1-2020
We have officially launched our Partner Creators Network and can now start to work with the below-mentioned Brands and Businesses to start to build revenue and development funds.


We recently launched an Affiliate Program that pays on the sale of any of the merch on our site up until we can raise enough capital to develop our app.

After that, we will move our % over to a Creator Fund or other uses we may see needs covered to create internal department budgets. We may also adjust the program payout to give us more play for our Creator Club creators and the profit share in the app.

For the Brands, Businesses this platform opens up more doors for advertising. Currently, as a product producer or accessory manufacturer, the ability to show your wares is limited to your own website.

With SmokeSesh, you are now able to reach your end-user, the cannabis user. Other platforms that have come to market have become networks for growers to manufacturers or manufacturers to dispensaries.

What is being missed is where our platform hopes to excel. We hope to give brands and businesses upon verification a wide assortment of tools to grow on our platform.

Some of those programs also benefit the creators as well. It is our goal that our Creator Club Members will be able to network with the brands and businesses to create marketing campaigns for both on and off our platform as well as lock-in sponsorship and other long term deals with brands across the Cannabis Industry.

Having access to a wide assortment of creators we can pool creators with similar bases and offer them at a lower rate to help expand the reach of smaller budgets, as well as give more bang for the buck when paired with several of our higher grossing creators for larger budget campaigns.

As this project is not only needed in this day and age, it is something that has yet to be taken on in a grand scale as the one we hope to take it to.