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Meet The Team:

Born in 1982, having lived a not so cool life, our Founder T.J. Owens came across Cannabis at the age of 15. It was not his gateway, as he had already been a pincushion of psychotropics by this point.

He continued to survive, learned many skills, but always came back to social media as a place to meet and connect with those around him. He started on the precursor to, MyHighschoolSpace. From there moving from various chat and board-based sites he finally came to FB in 2013. From there he educated himself on the ins and outs of the modern social platform. Moving around to TwT, then to now FB brand, IG, to land on TT in the middle of a pandemic.

Seeing the community that is growing there, and then the harsh reality that not only is social media as a whole under fire but the Cannabis Creator, Fan, and Business as well, has no real voice.

That was when he decided to put his two loves together to find, create and evolve just a place for all of them to call home without fear of losing there fans, accounts, or livelihoods because they enjoy a plant.